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Coaches Corner

Important Coaches and Staff Forms

These forms are for Citrus College coaches and staff. All PDF forms are formatted so that you can type in the necessary information and then print it out to turn in. Web-based forms must be filled out and then click submit. An e-mail will be sent to the necessary parties.

Assumption of Risk Forms

     - Alumni Assumption of Risk

     - Student Voluntary Transportation Form

Attendance / Vacation Forms

     - Absence Request Form

     - Classified Absence Report

     - Classified Attendance Report

     - Supervisor Confidential Absence Report

     - Supervisor Confidential Attendance Report

     - Vacation Request 

ASCC, ASO and Foundations Information

     - ASCC Account Numbers

     - ASO Account Numbers

     - ASO Payment Request

     - Foundation's Account Numbers 

Citrus College Coaches Handbook

     - Coaches Handbook 

Ejection Forms

     - SCFA Ejection Form

     - WSC Ejection Form

Equipment Forms

     - Equipment Check-Out Request Form

     - Equipment Order Request Form 

Facility Forms

     - Kinesiology / Athletic Department Facility Use Request Form

     - Facility Rental Invoice (Athletics)

     - Sport Venue Rules for Baseball & Softball Fields

     - Sport Venue Rules for Field House

     - Sport Venue Rules for Gymnasium

     - Sport Venue Rules for Other Locations

     - Sport Venue Rules for Pool

     - Sport Venue Rules for Stadium & Practice Field

     - Work Order Request Form  

Head Coaches Forms

     - Assistant Coach Hire Request Form

     - Assistant Coach Bio Sheet  

     - Athlete Questionnaire

     - Blank Priority Registration Form

     - Bylaw 2.4.1 Form

     - Class Permission List

     - Course Overlap Petition

     - Fundraising Request Form

     - Meal Money Athlete Signature Form

     - Meal Money Check Request Form

     - Practice Schedule Form

     - Season of Participation Form

     - Transportation Request Form

     - Travel Expense Voucher Form

     - Hotel-Motel Tax Waiver Form

Injury Forms

     - Employee Injury Form

     - Non-Employee Injury Form

Miscellaneous Forms

     Kinesiology and Athletics Fax Cover Sheet

     - Revolving Cash Form

Non Traditional Season Forms

     - Non Traditional Roster Form

     - Non Traditional Sport Schedule Request Form