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Tuition and Fees

In State California Residents pay a smaller enrollment fee, while Out-of-State and International Students pay an additional tuition fee on top of the enrollment fee. For a full list of actual fees please visit the Fees and Tuition page on the Main Citrus College Page. 

For students who are considering attending Citrus College from out of state. Please be advised their is a large financial burden under that option. The following is an estimate of what it will cost to attend Citrus College as an out-of-state/international student per semester.

Enrollment Fees and Tuition: $2,484 (12 Units @ $207 a unit)

Other Campus Fees: $86

Books: $500

Housing: $2,475 (if you share an apartment with other roommates)

Food: $1,600

Transportation: $500

Miscellaneous: $500 

Total: $8,145 a semester or $16,290 a year (not including any winter or summer intercession classes).

Again this is just an estimate. Your costs could exceed that number depending on a number of different variables. Please take this into consideration.