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At the time of admission, students are classified as either California residents or nonresidents. Both residents and nonresidents are welcome to enroll, but nonresidents will be charged tuition in addition to fees.

Residents are those who have lived in California for at least one year plus one day before the semester begins and can demonstrate intent to remain a California resident. It is the student’s responsibility to provide evidence to substantiate his or her claim for residency.

Students between ages 18 and 19 may combine their parent’s continuous residence in California immediately prior to their 18th birthday with their own continuous California residence from their 18th birthday to establish the one year California residence requirement.

The residence of an unmarried student under the age of 18 is determined by the legal residence of the parents. A married minor determines residency from the date of the marriage and must meet the one-year physical presence and intent requirement.

Military personnel are considered residents while stationed in California for active duty. The spouse and dependents are considered residents during the first year in which active duty began in California, but must provide proof that residency has been established thereafter.

Nonresidents are those who have lived in the state for less than a year before the semester begins or those who hold certain non-immigrant visas which preclude them from establishing residency. Please note! If you hold a non-immigrant visa, a permanent visa or have applied for amnesty, please bring your original passport, visa and/or I-688 form with you to the Admissions and Records Office at the time you apply. For further information, see Residency Information/Reclassification.

International students attending on F-1 visas are considered nonresidents. Please consult the International Student Center for details concerning application and registration.

Residency reclassification must be initiated by the student. Students interested in changing their classification should contact the Admissions and Records Office. Evidence of physical presence and intent to reside in the state of California for at least one year plus one day prior to the semester’s start date must be submitted for a residency review. For further information, see Residency Information/Reclassification.